Project Management App Template

Unmanaged package with three custom objects and a screen flow that enables you to organize standard Salesforce task records into projects and generate new projects with tasks from templates.



This project management app is a template that you can customize to organize Salesforce tasks into projects. This unmanaged package includes custom objects and a screen flow that enables you to create project and task templates and generate new projects based on your templates. Once the package is installed you can modify it to fit your organization’s needs.

If you’d like to build this automation yourself, you can watch our YouTube video where Brian Hays walks you through the steps. If you’d rather not build it yourself or you’re looking to save time, purchase the automation here and we’ll email you a link to install the package.



  • Capacity for an additional Flow
  • Professional edition or higher


Please Note: 

This is an unmanaged package and does not come with any future updates.



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