Advanced Training by Certified Pardot Consultants

Sales Cloud Advanced

Harness the full power of Sales Cloud.

Ready to dive deep into Sales Cloud’s powerful capabilities? Our Salesforce certified consultants will manage your installation and work closely with you on your company’s strategy and how to maximize your investment.




  • Sales Cloud Installation & Customized Configuration
  • Technical Review
    • We’ll show you what was installed and how to do basic admin functions like add new users or map new custom fields.
  • Sales Cloud Feature Overview
    • We walk you through the different feature areas in the application so you know where to start building campaigns on your own.
  • Sales Cloud Advanced Training | 8 Customized 1-Hour Training Sessions with a Certified Pardot Consultant
    • RecommendedTopics
      • Admin Training
      • User Training
      • Reports & Dashboards
      • Automation

Installation Details

The following is a list of tasks we complete for new Sales Cloud orgs. The installation can be customized according to the needs of the client during the kickoff call. We follow the guidelines in the resources linked below to ensure Sales Cloud is implemented according to best practices.

Getting Started With Salesforce Workbook

Implementing Person Accounts

Implementing State and Country Picklists

Salesforce Security Guide


Set Up Lead Process

  • Add custom fields and values
  • Customize page layouts
  • Create custom record types
  • Create validation rules
  • Create lead queues/assignment rules
  • Map lead conversion fields


Set Up Opportunity Process 

  • Add custom fields and values
  • Customize page layouts
  • Create custom record types
  • Create validation rules
  • Set up sales stages and probabilities
  • Create products and pricebook entries
  • Define contact roles


Set Up Account/Contact Database 

  • Add custom fields and values
  • Customize page layouts
  • Create custom record types
  • Create validation rules
  • Define contact roles
  • Set up Person Accounts


Org Wide Configuration 

  • Set up duplicate rules 
  • Set up campaign influence
  • Org wide sharing rules
  • Create custom profiles
  • Set up roles and user hierarchy
  • Configure Einstein Activity Capture
  • Create custom domain
  • Add client branding
  • Remove unneeded tabs and fields


Extend Salesforce Functionality 

  • Create basic automations through Process Builder
  • Create custom objects, fields, and relationships
  • Set up Web to Lead form


Project Timeline

The Advanced Implementation Package takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. In the first two weeks, we’ll hold a kick-off call, carry out all tasks to complete the installation, and hold the Installation Review. The rest of the weeks are reserved for training.

Kickoff Call – Week 1

In this meeting, we’ll lay the groundwork for a successful implementation. Our consultants will ask questions about your sales process to ensure we’re configuring Sales Cloud to meet your needs. It’s also an excellent opportunity to ask general Salesforce questions. Our side of the agenda includes:

  • Project timeline & expectations
  • Systems access
  • Your organization’s unique process

Technical Review – Week 2

In this meeting, we’ll walk through the changes that were made in your Salesforce org and go over basic admin tasks. Notes for this meeting will be implemented before our first training session.

Training Sessions – Weeks 3+

Training sessions can be customized but we recommend covering the following topics to ensure your team has the foundational knowledge they need to manage their new Sales Cloud CRM.

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